Kerry Sanders Net Worth: The Journey of a Veteran Journalist

Kerry Sanders Net Worth

Kerry Sanders Net Worth: Kerry Sanders has been a reporter for NBC News since 1991, making him an experienced reporter. He has written about many important events around the world, from natural disasters to wars, and has won several awards for it.

But how much is he worth now that he’s worked in the media for 32 years? In this article, we will look into Kerry Sanders’ net worth, profession, and personal life.

Who is Kerry Sanders?

Kerry Sanders is an American former TV and radio reporter. From 1991 to 2023, he worked as a reporter for NBC News.

He worked as a general news reporter for several TV stations in Florida, such as WTLV in Jacksonville, FL (where he was an intern and got paid), WINK in Ft. Myers, WTVT (a CBS affiliate that later became a Fox-owned and operated station), and WTVJ (NBC) in Miami.

When he graduated from the University of South Florida in 1982, he got his bachelor’s degree and then a Special Alumni Award. After 32 years with the network, he retired on January 17, 2023. When he talked about retiring on NBC Nightly News on January 17, 2023, he thanked his wife Deborah for putting up with him.

Brief Information About Kerry Sanders

Full NameKerry Sanders
OccupationFormer TV and radio reporter
Career HighlightsWorked for NBC News from 1991 to 2023, Covered major events: hurricanes, wars, elections, and court cases
RetirementRetired on January 17, 2023, after 32 years with NBC News
Net WorthEstimated $1.5 million
Sources of IncomeOver 30 years at NBC News, Reporting on major news stories, Appearances on TV and radio shows, Awards

Kerry Sanders Net Worth

Journalists have a bad reputation for not getting paid enough, but Sanders seems to have made good money. It’s hard to say for sure how much he’s worth because different sources have given different numbers. However, we estimate it to be around $1.5 million.

Sanders chose to retire at age 62, which suggests that he was doing well financially. This is because leaving early may mean that he gets less money from Social Security. Also, Deborah used to work as a reporter for USA Today, which has likely also brought in a lot of money for the couple.

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Kerry Sanders Career

In 1991, he started working for the network as a reporter and paid intern out of WiTVJ, an NBC station in Miami. He covered the news at WTVJ by hanging from rocks and jumping out of airplanes, among other dangerous things.

Sanders also talked about important news stories like mass killings, elections, and court cases. He was also dealing with the bad weather of more than 100 named storms and gave people important news.

Over the course of his work, he became famous for covering hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina. Besides that, he also reported news from the front lines of both Desert Storms. He was a reporter who worked from the ground during the Iraq War in 2003.

For Kerry, Iraq was one of many places that were far away from home. He has been to the North Pole and all seven countries. He wrote about politics in the state during the 2000 presidential election, including the debate over counting votes.

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Ways Kerry Sanders Made His Money

Kerry Sanders became worth a lot of money because he was a famous journalist. These are some of the main things that made his net worth so high:

More than 30 years at NBC News: As an NBC correspondent for a long time, he made steady money and had chances to raise his pay over time. Length was important.

Major news stories: Sanders wrote about big events like Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War, and the trial of O.J. Simpson. His fame and bargaining power grew because of this well-known work.

Appearances on TV and radio: Besides NBC Nightly News, he was often on Today and other shows. The pay goes up when you watch more TV.

Honors and awards: Sanders received the Peabody Award and the Dupont-Columbia Award. It’s likely that these awards came with cash prizes.

Book deals: Sanders probably made money from book deals over the years, just like many well-known journalists.

Speaking engagements: Sanders can make $5,000 to $10,000 a year after he retires by giving speeches, making corporate appearances, and other things.

Investments: Sanders probably put some of his high salaries to work over the years, which helped his wealth grow.

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Kerry Sanders’s Personal Life

Kerry Sanders is married to Deborah Sharp, the woman he has been dating for a long time. He got married to Deborah in an intimate wedding on December 9, 1989. During his work, Deborah was always by his side.

Kerry also told Deborah, his life partner, how much he appreciated her support before he talked about his choice to leave the network in January 2023. Deborah writes books and used to work as a writer for USA Today.

Kerry Sanders Awards and Achievements

Kerry Sanders has won the National Headliner Award, the Columbia DuPont Award, the Peabody Award, and the Emmy Award.


In conclusion, Kerry Sanders has been a successful reporter for NBC News for 32 years, covering important events around the world and winning notable awards. His estimated net worth of $1.5 million shows that he has done well financially in a job where salaries are usually low.

Sanders made important contributions by writing about hurricanes, wars, and famous cases. In addition to his work as a journalist, his marriage to Deborah Sharp, a former USA Today writer, shows that he has a good personal life.

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