Joe Carollo Net Worth: How rich is the Miami commissioner?

Joe Carollo Net Worth

Joe Carollo Net Worth: Joe Carollo is a controversial and important politician in Miami. He has been Miami’s mayor, a city commissioner, and a state lawmaker. A lot of scandals, lawsuits, and fights have also happened with him, which has hurt his image and cost him millions of dollars.

But how much does Joe Carollo cost? In this article, we will look into Joe Carollo’s net worth, sources of income, assets, and personal life.

Who is Joe Carollo?

Joseph Xavier Carollo is a Cuban-American politician who was born March 12, 1955. He was mayor of Miami from 1996 to 1997 and again from 1998 to 2001. After losing the 2001 mayoral race, he was city manager of Doral, Florida, from January 2013 until he was fired in April 2014.

He was hired back in June 2017 but quit right away. In 2017, he ran for and won a seat on the Miami city council.

Carl Hiaasen, an award-winning writer and author for the Miami Herald, called Carollo “Crazy Joe” because of how erratic and angry he was in politics. His newspaper called him “Loco Joe.”

Brief Information About Joe Carollo

Full NameJoseph Xavier Carollo
Net WorthEstimated $1 million
Political CareerMayor of Miami (1996-1997, 1998-2001), City Manager of Doral (January 2013 – April 2014), Miami City Council member (2017-present)
Main Income SourceCity Commissioner salary (approximately $58,000 per year)
Legal IssuesDomestic abuse arrest in 2001 (charges dropped), Ballot fraud lawsuit after 1997 mayoral race

Joe Carollo Net Worth

Joe Carollo is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. His job as mayor, city commissioner, and state representative made him a lot of money.

He has also been taken to court, been involved in scams, and been in fights that have cost him millions of dollars. This amount could change, though, based on how different court cases and ongoing disputes turn out.

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Joe Carollo Career

Joe Carollo has clearly built an impressive career in American politics, particularly as a Commissioner. The way he worked his way up the political ladder with sheer determination and unwavering commitment is truly inspiring.

As the Alcalde de Miami, or Mayor of Miami, and now as the City of Miami Commissioner for District 3, Joe has shown over and over again that he is dedicated to public service.

Besides his impressive resume, what makes him stand out is his unique past as a Special Agent of the FBI. This gives him a lot of knowledge and experience that he can use in his political career.

Joe Carollo Sources of Income

Joe Carollo is a politician in Miami, Florida. The following are some possible ways for him to make money:

City Salary: Carollo gets about $58,000 a year from the city as a commissioner. His comment says that this is his main source of income.

Real estate: Carollo owns a house in Coconut Grove that is worth about $1,493,000 right now. As he says, this is his main home and is protected from creditors by a state law called “homestead.”

Other Businesses: It is not clear what other jobs Carollo may have that bring in money besides being an elected figure. He has put money into real estate and other businesses in the past, but he hasn’t said what his present assets and debts are.

Legal Issues Affecting Carollo’s Finances

  • Domestic Abuse Arrest

Carollo was arrested for domestic assault in 2001 after an incident with his wife. Finally, the charges were dropped. The arrest and litigation undoubtedly cost Carollo money in lawyer fees and reputation.

  • Ballot Fraud Lawsuit

Carollo claimed ballot fraud after losing the 1997 Miami mayoral race. It was expensive to replace him as mayor in 1998 after a long court battle.

Joe Carollo Personal life

Joe Carollo’s relationship status shows how strong and loving he is with his wife, Maria Ledon Carollo. They are an example because they are together all the time and are always there for each other. They show what a true marriage is all about.


In conclusion, Joe Carollo is a well-known official in Miami who has had a long and controversial career that has included being mayor and city commissioner, among other positions.

Even though he works for the government and gets paid for it, his net worth is only about $1 million because of lawsuits and issues that cost him a lot of money. His interesting past as an FBI Special Agent gives his political journey more meaning. He is known as “Crazy Joe” in the news.

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