Jinx Chapter 22 Spoilers and Predictions: What the Reddit Community is Saying?

Jinx Chapter 22 Reddit Spoiler

Fans of the webcomic “Jinx” are buzzing with excitement as they discuss the latest chapter, chapter 22, and share their predictions for what’s to come.

In a recent Reddit forum, users shared their thoughts on the intense martial arts match between the Frostcloud Sect and the Mauve Aurora Sect, which resulted in the Frostcloud Sect suffering a devastating defeat. Some users speculated that the mysterious Jing Yue, who had refused to join the Civilian group, may have played a role in the outcome.

Others debated the implications of protagonist Jing Shan’s actions, which may have hindered his future cultivation. With tension and drama at an all-time high, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of “Jinx.”

Spoiler warning! The accompanying text contains plot-related information. Please stop reading if you have not yet read the story and do not wish to know what transpires. In this section, we will discuss the story’s major events, such as a martial arts competition and a confrontation between two sects. We recommend that you read the entire narrative before proceeding so as not to ruin the reading experience.

Jinx Chapter 22 Reddit Prediction Spoiler

Amazfeed Claim, Jing Yue, whom Yan Min-shixiong had invited to join the Civilian group, was expected by Liang Yuan and the others with great anticipation. Jing Yue’s denial infuriated Liang Yuan and left him feeling unsatisfied. Everyone in the dormitory had an opinion about Jing Shan, whose future cultivation would be hindered because he had insulted two sides.

Liang Yuan feels positive about him, but because he has angered two sides, his cultivation will suffer in the future. The Frostcloud Sect and Mauve Aurora Sect have issued a challenge to one another in Frore City.

Jinx Chapter 22 Reddit Spoiler

The contestants are renowned members of the Flying Immortal List who are Absolute-level Foundation Establishment farmers. When Shi Nian and Liang Yuan arrive at the Jubilee Restaurant, they run into many sect members.

When they enter, the martial arts arena is already crowded. Shi Nian takes his friends to the Jubilee Restaurant, where they run into a lot of their sect’s members. Jing Shan approached a table that was being used by a lone young woman and inquired about sharing it.

The woman was presented with a walnut when a large bird swooped onto her table. The blue phoenix performed its distinctive maneuver by rubbing its furry head against the woman’s neck after she agreed and soared onto her shoulder. After saying thank you, Jing Yue clarified that it was only a pheasant in the wild.

After everyone had taken their seats, Jing Yue from the Frostcloud Sect and Lu Yuan from Ministone Gate in Credence City entered the arena. Both Wang Ye-shixiong of the Frostcloud Sect and Wei Li of the Mauve Aurora Sect were dispatched to engage in combat.

Wang Ye and Wei Li are engaged in combat with Jing Yue and Yu Xiaobao. Wang Ye has a double spiritual root of Wood and Water, and Wei Li has a triple spiritual root. Wang Ye was given odds of one to two, and Wei Li was given odds of one to eight when Liang Yuan and Yu Xiaobao bet on the result of the game.

But when someone in the hallway announces that Wang Ye has been hurt, Liang Yuan is shocked. His neck creaks as he turns around right away. During a martial arts match between the Mauve Aurora Sect and the Frostcloud Sect, Wang Ye suffered serious wounds. Before leaving the martial arts ring, Jing Yue saw Wei Li encircle Wang Ye’s hands.

Wang Ye failed to successfully avoid Wei Li’s earth spell. Mauve Aurora Sect is now overtaking Frostcloud Sect in terms of the number of cultivators at the Foundation Establishment stage. While Liang Yuan glared at him angrily, Jing Yue spoke calmly while crushing a walnut with one hand.

Liang Yuan aggressively hammered on the table and looked at Jing Yue two hours later. All significant gambling establishments went bankrupt as a result of Frostcloud Sect losing all three matches, Lian Chenzi losing the top spot in the Foundation Establishment rankings, Mauve Aurora Sect taking the lead, and Lian Chenzi.

Jinx Chapter 22 Reddit Spoiler

Jing Yue maintained his composure and steadfast conviction that the Frostcloud Sect would never fail. Jing Yue made an effort to calm Liang Yuan, who was about to lose consciousness due to his rage.

The blue phoenix flapped its wings and flew back to Jing Yue’s brain. The Frostcloud Sect should be able to reclaim their honor on their own, Jing Yue hoped.

Jinx Chapter 21 Brief Recap

In Jinx Chapter 21, Kim Dan received a call from an unidentified number; the caller claimed to have information about his grandmother’s location. He rushed to see the caller, only to discover it was a trap set by Jaekyung, who had abducted his grandmother and threatened to harm her if he did not acquiesce to her abduction.

He was only compelled to liberate his grandmother after caving to Jaekyung’s demands. Jaekyung then kidnaps Kim Dan and forces him to have sex with him in a hotel room by alleging that it was the only way to save Kim Dan’s grandmother. Kim Dan was unable to flee the predicament.

Kim Dan was shocked and confused, but he had no alternative but to comply with the request. He contemplated the reasons behind Jaekyung’s actions against him as well as his motivations.


In conclusion, fans of the webcomic “Jinx” are excitedly debating and sharing their predictions for the 22nd chapter. The chapter depicts an intense martial arts match between two sects, with the Frostcloud Sect suffering a devastating defeat.

Fans are speculating about the role of the enigmatic Jing Yue and the ramifications of the protagonist Jing Shan’s actions. The chapter concludes with Liang Yuan’s wrath and Jing Yue’s confident assurance that the Frostcloud Sect will regain its honor.

In addition, chapter 22 provides a summary of the events of chapter 21, including Kim Dan’s kidnapping and forced sexual encounter with Jaekyung.

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