Jinx Chapter 20 Reddit Spoiler: The Passionate Romance Between Hunter and Arianna

Jinx Chapter 20 Reddit Spoiler

Fans of Jinx, pay attention! If you just can’t wait for Chapter 20 to be out, here are some exciting spoilers from Reddit. It’s time to take a deeper dive into Jinx and find out what the future holds for our favorite characters. These reveals are too shocking to miss, from shocking story twists to mind-blowing secrets. Hold on tight, because you’re about to go on the ride of your life!

The Reddit Prediction for Jinx Chapter 20 Spoiler

When Hunter comes in, Yahya and he are in the kitchen. Yahya and Hunter do a few rounds to make sure no one is hiding, but they still have to think they have the upper hand. Hunter puts his arm around my waist and his kisses find the soft region on my neck. His palms remove all the buttons on my top as his breath tickles me. I swivel around to meet his lips squarely, and we get as close as humanly can.

Even though we’re kissing passionately, our clothes are still keeping us apart. I am able to reach the button on the front of his pants and work it loose. Both Hunter and Arianna are broken because they have never experienced love.

Jinx Chapter 20 Reddit Spoiler
Jinx Chapter 20 Reddit Spoiler

To protect her family, Arianna marries Zach Price, a billionaire, but she never expects to fall in love with a guy who will always consider her second best. The suggested age range for this book is 16 and up. The two harsh guards who let the Jinns inside the courtroom and the appearance of the Queen are the story’s most pivotal moments.

The Jinns use a haqiqatan (truth) incantation to prove that the Queen is expecting. It is then revealed by the Queen that she has been duped by the Jinn for ages. Zunair, one of the door guards, grabs Marid by the collar and throws him across the floor.

The Queen’s most trusted servant tells Marid he is expecting a child and that he would be slain if he shares any further information about the blood contract between the two Jinnaats. The Queen’s wrath is inexplicable, and Marid begs her to leave him alone, but he is now a mere shell of his former self.

Marid is a shattered warrior with too much experience, and the Queen has ordered Zunair to kill him. Zunair produces a frozen diamond spike, which he drives through his back, ribs, and into his heart, thus freezing it. After weeks of depression, the Queen finally breaks into a broad smile and orders Yahya to fix the problem. Yahya chuckles, bows, and walks out.


These Reddit spoilers for Chapter 20 of Jinx are truly thrilling and shocking! We get a sneak peek into the intense and passionate relationship between Hunter and Arianna, and how it could lead to major complications.

Additionally, we witness the most pivotal moments of the story unfolds, including the use of a truth incantation and the reveal of a blood contract between Jinnaats. Marid’s fate is left in the balance as he faces the wrath of the Queen and her trusted servant.

With all these revelations, the future of our beloved characters seems more uncertain than ever before. It’s no doubt that Jinx Chapter 20 is going to be a wild ride, and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

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