Is Jenna Ortega Dating Emma Myers? A New Hollywood Romance?

Is Jenna Ortega Dating Emma Myers?

Is Jenna Ortega Dating Emma Myers? A lot of Netflix viewers agreed that Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair should take their relationship to the next level when the spooky comedy-horror show Wednesday stole their hearts. Wednesday doesn’t have many love interests in Season 1, but Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers are the only ones who get along.

Jennifer stars as the title character, Wednesday, and Emma plays Enid, her strange roommate. We’ve all heard that differences attract, though. And finally, do Jenna and Emma date, or is this just a rumor?

Who Are Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers?

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers are two young actors who play lead roles in Wednesday, a Netflix show that is based on The Addams Family. Wednesday Addams, the title character, is played by Jenna Ortega.

She is a young witch who goes to a boarding school for the weird. Olivia Wilde plays Wednesday’s best friend and roommate, Enid Sinclair, who is also a witch. In real life, the two actors are close friends and often go to events together.

Is Jenna Ortega Dating Emma Myers?

Even though we all really like Jenna and Emma together, there’s no proof that they’re dating. Fans still can’t help but think too much about how well they get along in talks together. There is an interview going around on TikTok with the title “Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers flirting with each other for a minute straight.”

Of course, friends flirt every once in a while! Emma and Jenna show they care for each other by hugging, holding hands, and saying they love each other. This could be sweet, but it could also be friendly. Friends can show love in many ways, such as by touching each other. Since Jenna and Emma spend so much time together, it’s not a surprise that they show some kind of care.

It’s not likely that they’re dating, though. Emma wrote, “Gorgeous, I miss you!” on Jenna’s Instagram post about her time at the Emmys. If they were dating, writing “I miss you” on a post wouldn’t be like them because they’d be spending more time together and talking more often behind closed doors.

But just because Jenna and Emma aren’t dating doesn’t mean Wednesday and Enid can’t date in Season 2 of Wednesday, which everyone is very excited about. Emma and Jenna have both made it clear that they back #Wenclair. In comments, Emma has even said that she always adds, “And they were roommates,” to things she says about the main couple.

Wednesday has been called queerbaiting because it makes hints at LGBTQ+ characters without saying them directly. Fans want Wednesday and Enid to have a deeper friendship, and Netflix may finally give in to those wants. During Season 1, Xavier asks Wednesday who the lucky guy or girl is. Wednesday tells him, “What does it matter to you?”

That’s how we should feel about Jenna and Emma in the end. Why does it matter to us? We want them to be together, but they’re both very young and still finding out who they are. We don’t need to know about their private connection, even though they’re famous.

Jenna and Emma are not the only stars who have sparked dating rumors among their fans. Many other K-pop and TikTok celebrities have been speculated to be in a relationship but have not confirmed or denied it. For example, Are Bella Poarch and Larray dating?, Is Taehyung and Jennie Dating?, and Is Hongjoong Dating Jurin? are some of the questions that many people are curious about. If you want to know more about these potential couples, check out our other articles on this site.

Is Jenna Dated Devin Booker in March 2023?

This didn’t happen at all, but for a second, it fooled everyone on the internet. The rumor that Jenna and Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Devin Booker went on a dinner date together in early 2023 was completely false. It was said that there was “photographic evidence” of them leaving a restaurant together. But! Right away, viewers realized that Photoshop had completely faked the image.

Is Jenna Ortega Dating Emma Myers?
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That’s it! Jenna is happily single as of March 2023. If that changes, though, most people won’t know about it.

Asher Angel (Jenna Ortega)

J-14 claims they were also seen at a fashion show, where Asher quickly posted a cute video with the comment “this one ❤” on his Instagram Stories. Even though there was a lot of support and speculation from fans, neither Jenna nor Asher ever confirmed (or refuted) the relationship rumors.

On Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert show in March 2023, Jenna briefly talked about an ex-boyfriend, and some fans think that person was Asher.

Jennifer said, “I was in a relationship for a couple of years, but I broke up because things got too busy.” She then added, “And it had nothing to do with them; it was just strictly.” I just couldn’t handle everything.”


Netflix’s Wednesday, a comedy-horror show, has garnered attention for its lead characters, Wednesday Addams and Enid Sinclair. Jenna Ortega stars as Wednesday, a young witch, and Emma Myers plays Enid, her roommate. Despite their close friendship, there is no proof of dating between the two.

However, fans are excited about Season 2 and hope for a deeper relationship between Wednesday and Enid. Despite rumors of a relationship between Jenna and Devin Booker, neither has confirmed or refuted them. Jenna also mentioned an ex-boyfriend, Asher Angel, on Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert show in March 2023.

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