Hunter Fieri Net Worth: The Son of a Celebrity Chef Reveals His Fortune

Hunter Fieri Net Worth

Hunter Fieri Net Worth: Hunter Fieri is a rising star in the food industry, following in the footsteps of his famous father, Guy Fieri. He is a chef, TV personality, and social media star who is 27 years old. He has been on several Food Network shows, including Guy’s Hawaiian Eats, Tournament of Champions, and Guy’s All-American Road Trip.

He also has a lot of fans on Instagram, where he talks about his love of tennis, food, tourism, and more. But how much is Hunter Fieri worth? In this article, we’ll look at Hunter Fieri’s net worth, income sources, career, and relationship with status.

Who is Hunter Fieri?

Hunter Fieri was born in the United States on August 7, 1996. He is one of the most famous and wealthy family members. Most well-known for being the son of Guy Fieri of the Food Network.

The Food Network star cook is his father Guy Fieri a cook and Food Network star. He went to school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His mother used to go by the name Lori, and his brother’s name is Ryder.

Brief Information About Hunter Fieri

Full NameHunter Fieri
OccupationChef, TV Personality, Social Media Star
Net WorthOver $100,000
Sources of IncomeChef, TV Star, Social Media Celebrity, Actor
Social Media AccountsInstagram, Twitter, TikTok

Hunter Fieri Net Worth

According to trusted sources, Hunter’s net worth is over $100,000. This is because of the success of his father and the number of movie roles he has had in the last few years.

This huge amount of money comes mostly from his work in television, but it also comes from his work as a producer and artist. Hunter has been successful on his own, making a name for himself apart from the fame of his father.

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Hunter Fieri’s Sources of Income

Hunter Fieri makes money in several ways, including:

Chef: An aspiring chef, he has gained experience at multiple restaurants under the tutelage of his father, Guy Fieri. People like Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey have also eaten his food.

TV star: He and his father have been on several shows together, including Guy’s Hawaiian Eats, Tournament of Champions, and Guy’s All-American Road Trip. He was also a co-host on Guy & Hunter’s European Vacation in 2016.

Social media celebrity: He amasses a substantial Instagram following by sharing images and videos about his lifestyle, cuisine, and travels. As of 2023, he has more than 300,000 fans. He also has a YouTube account with more than 10,000 fans.

Actor: He has had small roles in movies like “The Interview” and “The House.”

Hunter Fieri Career

His first role on TV was as a 12-year-old on his father’s hit show “Guy’s Big Bite” (2008–2016), in which he appeared 13 times over eight years. The next time he was seen was on the TV show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” in 2009.

The next time was in the Guy Fieri documentary “Guy Fieri’s Family Reunion” in 2012. He kept appearing in his dad’s other shows and family specials, like “Guy’s Family Cruise” in 2013 and “Guy’s Grocery Games” in 2015.

In 2016, he was on “Guy & Hunter’s European Vacation,” where he and Guy showed off their adventures in Spain, Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Greece, and Italy.

Hunter Fieri’s Social Media Accounts

Hunter Fieri is involved on several social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Some of his accounts are as follows:

Instagram: @hunterfieri, has over 148k followers and around 300 posts about cuisine and his personal life.

Twitter: @HunterFieri has over 16,400 followers and talks about family, sports, and food.

TikTok: [@hunterfieri] has more than 3k followers and over 2k likes. On this account, he posts videos of his cooking tasks and adventures.

Hunter Fieri’s Relationship Status

There is currently no public information available about Hunter Fieri’s marital status. He keeps his personal life comparatively private.


In conclusion, Hunter Fieri, who is 27 years old, is becoming more and more famous in the food business, just like his father Guy Fieri. He’s become famous through TV shows, cooking projects, and social media, and his net worth is now over $100,000.

Hunter makes a lot of different kinds of money from being a cook, a TV star, a social media influencer, and an actor in movies like “The Interview” and “The House.” Hunter is successful, but he doesn’t talk about his marriage. He likes to keep his public and private lives separate.

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