Fugget About It Season 4 Release Date: A New Love Interest, and A New Twist

Fugget About It Season 4 Release Date

Fugget About It Season 4 Release Date: Fugget About It is a Canadian animated sitcom for adults that tells the story of Jimmy Falcone, a former mob boss who moves with his family to Regina, Saskatchewan, as part of a program to protect witnesses.

The show has been on the air since 2012 and has developed a cult following among fans of animation and crime comedy. However, the show has been on hiatus since 2016, leaving many fans wondering if a fourth season of Fugget About It will be produced.

In this article, we will try to answer some of the questions that fans have about Fugget About It season 4’s release date, plot, cast, and more.

What is Fugget About It All About?

Fugget About It is a Canadian animated sitcom for adults that is on Teletoon at Night. It was made by Nicholas Tabarrok and Willem Wennekers. The show is rated 14A for s*xuality, violence, and bad language.

It is the first and only project by 9 Story Media Group that is meant for adults. The show was made because Teletoon had a contest called “Pilot Project.” The series premiered on Hulu exclusively in the United States on October 13, 2013.

On June 9, 2014, it was announced that the show’s third season had been ordered. At Fan Expo Canada 2015, it was revealed that the third season would premiere on Adult Swim in November.

Brief Information About Fugget About It

Series NameFugget About It
CreatorNicholas Tabarrok and Willem Wennekers
GenreAnimated Sitcom for Adults
Brief StoryFollows the story of Jimmy Falcone, a former mob boss who relocates with his family to Regina, Saskatchewan, as part of a witness protection program, leading to comedic and crime-related adventures.
2 Main CastJames Danger (Voiced by Tony Nappo), Cookie Falcone (Voiced by Jacqueline Pillon)
Season 1 Release DatePremiered in 2012
Season 2 Renewal StatusNo official announcement.
Season 2 Release DateNot confirmed (expected in 2025 or 2026)
Where to WatchHulu

Fugget About It Season 4 Renewal Status

There has been no announcement from Fugget About It’s network, Teletoon, as to whether the show will be renewed for a fourth season. It needs to be confirmed right now if it will be renewed. Regardless, the show’s creators have expressed interest in a fourth season and hinted at potential plotlines.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that some have claimed that the TV show will end with Season 3. Well, many years and months have passed, and we still don’t know if we’ll ever see the famous Canadian sitcom again or not.

Fugget About It Season 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, neither the show’s creators nor the network have made an official announcement or confirmed when Fugget About It season 4 will come out. There are, however, some signs that the show might not be over and that there is still hope for a new season.

Some sources claim that the show will return for a fourth season on Amazon Prime Video, while others believe that it will be released in 2025 or 2026 at the earliest. The Wikipedia page for the show doesn’t say anything about the fourth season either.

No decision has been made about when “Fugget About It Season 2” will come out. It will take some time to show up on the screen. During this time period, you can watch great TV shows like Tuca and Bertie Season 4 and Interspecies Reviewers Season 2. Click on the links to find out when these shows will be on TV.

Fugget About It Season 4 Expected Cast

If the sitcom is released for season 4, it is possible that the cast from the previous seasons will return. Here is a list of voice actors:

CharacterVoice Actor
James DangerTony Nappo
Cookie FalconeJacqueline Pillon
Francesco ‘Cheech’ FalconeChuck Shamata
Theresa Maria FalconeEmilie-Claire Barlow
Peter Frampton ‘Petey’ FalconeDanny Smith
Gina Madonna FalconeLinda Kash

Fugget About It Season 4 Expected Storyline

In season 4, Jimmy and his family face new problems and enemies as they try to adjust to their new life in Canada. Jimmy would have to deal with a rival casino owner wanting to take over his business and a crooked politician wanting to learn about his past.

Cookie would have to deal with her midlife crisis and her desire to have another child. Theresa would have to balance her singing career with her relationship with her boyfriend. Petey would have to deal with becoming a teenager and falling in love with a girl at school.

Gina would have to figure out what she really liked and who she was. Uncle Cheech would have to deal with getting old and being sick. McCool would have to keep Jimmy and his family out of trouble and protect them from the mob.

Fugget About It Season 3 Recap

The protagonist of this unique animated adult story is a small-town don named Jimmy Falcone. It’s interesting that he wants to move his business. Because of this, he goes to Regina, Saskatchewan. Now, he is ready to sign up for the Witness Protection Program.

But we have to go back in time to find out how this very interesting animated comic show got started. Let’s go back to when Jimmy heard from Don Gambini that his uncle had died. When Jimmy found out what was going on, he got so angry that he threw Don Gambino out the window.

We say “RIP” to him because he was pushed from the 19th floor in a horrible way. After that, though, the FBI gets involved! Jimmy was able to make a deal with the police, which is interesting. On the one hand, Gambini’s soldiers look out for Jimmy.

Production Details of Fugget About It

Fugget About It is a Canadian animated sitcom for adults that was made by Nicholas Tabarrok, Willem Wennekers, and Jeff Abugov for Teletoon at Night, which is a late-night block of shows on Teletoon. The show is rated 14A for s*xuality, violence, and profanity, making it 9 Story Media Group’s first and only adult-oriented project.

The show was made by Darius Films and 9 Story Media Group and was directed by Richard Weston. The show was also shown on Hulu and Adult Swim in the United States. The voices in the show come from Tony Nappo, Jacqueline Pillon, Chuck Shamata, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Danny Smith, Linda Kash, Ted Atherton, and others.

Where Can I Watch Season 3 of Fugget About It?

The previous season of Fugget About It is available on Hulu, so the fourth season will also be on Hulu.


Since its debut in 2012, “Fugget About It,” a Canadian animated adult sitcom, has gained a large number of loyal fans. The show hasn’t been on since 2016, leaving fans wondering if there will be a fourth season. The show is about Jimmy Falcone, a former mob boss who is now under witness protection in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Even though neither Teletoon nor the show’s creators have officially announced a renewal, there is hope that the series will come back, possibly on Amazon Prime Video, though no release date has been set.

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