Flying Witch Season 2 Release Date: Will the Anime Return in 2024 or Not?

Flying Witch Season 2 Release Date

Flying Witch Season 2 Release Date: A lot of anime fans have been waiting five years for Flying Witch Season 2, which is one of the most-anticipated follow-ups. It was without a doubt one of the best anime shows about healing in the decade since its release.

Fans liked how realistically the personalities were portrayed, which was also an appealing change. Fans want to see more of this show to find out what happens next in Makoto Kowata’s life. If so, will the animated film come back? Keep reading to find out.

A lot of people have been excitedly anticipating the news of a second season, but neither the studio nor the author has officially confirmed it yet. Fans who want to see more of Makoto and her friends’ adventures in the world of witchcraft should keep this in mind, but it’s not a promise.

Fans like you should keep an eye out for more information about Flying Witch Season 2. Until then, you can enjoy the magic of the first season, which you can stream on some services.

What is Flying Witch All About?

Flying Witch is a manga story from Japan that was written and drawn by Chihiro Ishizuka. The story has been published in parts in Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine since August 2012.

As of June 2023, all 12 tankōbon volumes had collected all of the episodes. From April to June 2016, J.C. Staff created an anime TV series based on the book.

Brief Information About Flying Witch

Series NameFlying Witch
CreatorChihiro Ishizuka
GenreSlice of Life, Supernatural
Brief StoryMakoto Kowata moves in with relatives in rural Aomori to complete her witch training.
2 Main CastMakoto Kowata (CV: Minami Shinoda), Chinatsu Kuramoto (CV: Eri Suzuki)
Season 1 Release DateApril 10, 2016
Season 2 Renewal StatusNo Announcement
Season 2 Release DateExpected in early 2025
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Flying Witch Season 2: Renewal Status!

Many fans have been asking since then if there will be a second season of this cool and fun show. As of right now, there has been no public word or announcement about Flying Witch Season 2. The book is still going on, but most of the chapters were already shown in the anime, so there may not be enough for another season yet.

However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be a second season of Flying Witch. Fans can watch the side stories and features that came out as Flying Witch Petit until then, or they can watch the original series again on streaming services like HIDIVE and Crunchyroll.

Flying Witch Season 2 Release Date

According to reviews, the anime’s first season, about a young witch-to-be who goes to the country, was relaxing and charming. It aired in 2016.

There has been no official announcement from the studio or the author about a second season, but many fans have been looking forward to it. On the other hand, some sources say that Flying Witch Season 2 will come out early in 2025 because the manga is already out and the franchise is so famous.

Fans should be careful with this information until it is proven true. They should just hope for the best. Makoto, Chito, Chinatsu, and the other characters in Flying Witch Season 2 are likely to continue their travels as they learn about magic and nature.

There has been no decision made on the release date of ”Flying Witch Season 2″. To appear on the screen, it will take some time. During this period, you can watch outstanding television programs like The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 4, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Season 2, and Jujutsu Kaisen Season 3. To learn when these series will be released, click on the links.

Flying Witch Season 2 Cast

Voice actors from Season 1 of Flying Witch may also be in Season 2. The voice artist may appear in season 2. Let’s get to know them.

  • Makoto Kowata Voiced by Stephanie Wittels
  • Chito, Voiced by Tiffany Grant
  • Chinatsu Kuramoto Voiced by Juliet Simmons
  • Kei Kuramoto Voiced by Adam Gibbs
  • Keiji Kuramoto Voiced by John Swasey
  • Nana Kuramoto Voiced by Joanne Bonasso
  • Akane Kowata Voiced by Christina Kelly

How does Season 2 of Flying Witch Begin?

In Flying Witch, one of the things that makes the show popular and successful is its amazing story. Makoto, a young witch, is very important to the story of the Flying Witch.

She moved from Yokohama, Japan’s second-largest city by population, to Hirosaki, Aomori, to live with her family. She brought witchcraft to Hirosaki and did it there.

A lot of people are already interested in the story. However, the story of Flying Witch Season 2 has not been made public yet because the show has not been renewed. Okay, then! It takes a little longer for everyone to watch. Since the show hasn’t been canceled or renewed yet, we may be able to see it pretty soon.

Flying Witch Season 1 Recap

Flying Witch is a slice-of-life cartoon about a witch named Makoto Kowata, who moves from Yokohama to Aomori to live with her cousins Kei and Chinatsu Kuramoto. The show follows her daily life. Makoto visits the countryside with her black cat friend, Chito. She meets other witches and learns more about witchcraft from them and her sister, Akane.

The anime shows how Makoto interacts with her family, friends, and the magical animals that live in the countryside in a cute and silly way. The show Flying Witch is soothing and heartwarming. It shows how beautiful nature is and how easy the good things in life are.

Here are some of Makoto’s daily activities as she gets used to her new environment. The traditions and quirks of witches are taught to her family and the new friends she makes there.

Find Out Where to Watch Season 2 of Flying Witch

There will be no Season 2 of Flying Witch yet, but you can watch Season 1 on Crunchyroll. You’re missing out on life if you haven’t seen this show. You need to add Flying Witch to your wishlist right away. Audiences gave it great reviews, and IMDb gave it a score of 7.2 out of 10. Let’s talk about when Flying Witch’s first season came out, which was April 10, 2016.

Each episode of the cartoon series comes out once a week. Even so, the anime’s makers haven’t said a word since the first episode of season 1 aired more than five years ago. There aren’t many chances for a follow-up, even if it’s been a while.


Flying Witch Season 2 is a highly anticipated follow-up to the popular anime show about a young witch named Makoto Kowata who moves to the countryside to learn more about magic. Despite no official announcement from the studio or author, fans are eagerly anticipating the second season.

The voice actors from Season 1 may also appear in Season 2. The show follows Makoto’s daily life and her interactions with her family, friends, and magical animals. Despite the lack of official announcements, fans can still enjoy the magic of the first season on Crunchyroll.

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