Deaimon Season 1 Ending Explained: Unraveling the Mysteries of a Gripping Journey

Deaimon Season 1 Ending Explained

Deaimon Season 1 Ending Explained: In “Deaimon,” a captivating Japanese manga series by Rin Asano, the author transports readers to the entrancing world of a Kyoto wagashi shop. The protagonist, Nagomu Irino, is an only child who left his family and moved to Tokyo ten years ago in pursuit of his dream of becoming a rock star.

But then a letter arrives, informing Nagomu that his father has been hospitalized and pleading with him to take over the family business. Nagomu makes the courageous decision to give up his hopes and go back home.

In its first season, “Deaimon” attracted fans with its blend of the supernatural, complex character development, and heartfelt ties set against the backdrop of a family’s inherited company. As the season drew to a close, viewers were left wanting more information about the various mysteries that had been introduced.

In this article, we will explore the first season of “Deaimon” in an effort to decipher its rich symbolism, discover its hidden layers, and explain its puzzling conclusion.

What is Deaimon All About?

The Deaimon manga is a popular series by Rin Asano. Since its serialization in May 2016, it has been compiled in thirteen tankbon volumes and published in Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Young Ace. From April through June of 2022, an anime TV series adaption created by Encourage Films aired.

Deaimon Season 1 Ending Explained

Nagomu is a musician who abandoned Kyoto and his family’s sweet shop to pursue his passion. But when he learns that his father is sick in the hospital, he returns home to run the family business. While he was away, however, a young girl by the name of Itsuka was hired to run the store.

Given that neither of Itsuka’s biological parents nor any of her other known relatives are still alive, Nagomu has taken her in as a foster child. However, Itsuka does not like Nagomu because he chose music before family. She boldly declares that she, not Nagomu, will one day run the store.

Deaimon Season 1 Episodes

The first season of the anime Deaimon includes 12 episodes.

Episode Title
1 Nagomu and Itsuka
2 Echoing Through the Hydrangea
3 A Summer Night’s Accompaniment
4 A Blue Wind Rustling Fresh Leaves
5 Welcoming the Spirits
6 Autumn’s Potato Moon
7 Dancing in Autumn Colors
8 Chestnut Retrospective
9 Long-Awaited Warmth of Spring
10 Reminiscing About Waiting for Spring
11 Is It Good
12 Red Sea Bream for a Spring Dawn

Deaimon Season 1 Recap

There are 12 episodes in this anime series. In the opening scene, we see that Yukihira Itsuka, lost and confused, mistaken Irino Nagomu for her long-lost father, never mind that he is the heir to the family wagashi business, Ryokushou. Horikawa Mitsuru, a high school student, will be shown working at Ryokushou alongside Itsuka in the upcoming episode.

In the next episode, Itsuka, who has a skin ailment that manifests like her father going on a bus, rides the bus to verify if it actually is her father. Then, we witness a regular customer cancel their order, and Nagomu’s dad is excited about his son since he thinks his son has finally accomplished something.

Itsuka and Mitsuru find out that Nagomu’s ex-girlfriend Matsukaze Kanoko is in town in the upcoming episode. Episode 2 will feature Kisaichi Hiiro, a new craftsman, who has arrived in Ryokushou. With his band Chestnut Manju, Nagomu enjoys drawing attention to himself by wearing a traditional headpiece.

Deaimon Season 1 Ending Explained

Ryokushou ushers in the new year by promoting a sweet called hanabira mochi, and the next episode will explain how Itsuka’s mother’s plan involving a message and a fir tree pans out. In the next episode, Nagomu is sick in bed.

Using his “Going Somewhere Together” receipt, Nagomu brings Itsuka to Hirakata Park in the season finale to celebrate her birthday. You can see the end result coming from here. Nagumo and Kanoko regain their composure, and Itsuka comes to treat them like a daughter.

Deaimon Season 1: How Does It End?

When Nagomu’s friend Itsuka gave him the usual birthday gift of doing “whatever he wants,” Nagomu decided to use the money to treat Itsuka to a day at an amusement park. While Itsuka claims she has no prior experience with the location, her time there with Nagomu is tinged with recollections of the time she spent there with her father.

Where Can I Watch Season 1 of “Deaimon”?

You may watch the first season of Deaimon on Crunchyroll, 9anime, or gogoanime. We know absolutely nothing about the platform on which season 2 of Deaimon will be released, and its release date is likewise unknown at this time. If season 2 of Deaimon does happen, though, it will undoubtedly take precedence over these services.


In conclusion, “Deaimon” is an interesting manga series by Rin Asano about a singer named Nagomu Irino who returns to his family’s candy store after his father becomes ill. There are 12 episodes in the first season of the anime adaption, which deal with topics like family, responsibility, and following one’s aspirations.

In the end, Nagomu takes Itsuka, a girl who at first disliked him, to an amusement park for her birthday, signifying the two had grown close. Crunchyroll, 9anime, and gogoanime all host the first season. There is currently no information available regarding a prospective second season.

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