Boruto Episode 294: Rumors and Speculations on the Release Date

Boruto Episode 294 Release Date

The release of Episode 294 of the popular anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which promises to be yet another action-packed episode, is eagerly anticipated by fans of the series. Fans are eager to see what surprises are ahead as the tale of Boruto and his buddies continues to develop.

So when might Episode 294 be expected? Get all the details about the release date for Boruto Episode 294 by reading on.

Boruto Episode 294 Is Announced

It’s official: production on Boruto 2 has begun. The website released a statement saying that the first season of the show has concluded with Episode 293. But, they reassured viewers that the Naruto and Boruto narrative would continue in a second season of the anime, which is now in production.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Naruto Anime, a brand-new anime project based on the original series will begin in September, consisting of a total of four episodes.

Boruto Episode 294 – When Will It Be Released?

Even though an official announcement was made, there is still no official confirmation of when Boruto Episode 294 will be out. There is no official announcement yet, but there are rumors abounding online that the Boruto anime hiatus will end in October.

If this holds true, then the wait for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 294 could be for another 7 months, until October 22. It’s just a rumor for now, but it may be really good for productivity and employee wellness.

Fans should remember that there is no reliable source spreading stories regarding when Boruto will return. The release date for Boruto Part 2 has not been announced by Boruto or any other company involved in the making of the series. Fans would be better served by waiting for an official statement on when Boruto Part 2 will be available.

Source: Naruto Offical Website

Boruto Episode 293 Recap

While Naruto holds a lifeless Boruto in his arms and implores him to wake up, the episode opens with flashbacks of their shared history, from Boruto’s birth to the present.

Boruto Episode 294 Release Date
Boruto Episode 294 Release Date

In light of the unexpected turn of events, Code takes Shikamaru hostage while he and Eida discuss their next move. Kawaki mocks him, telling him he may kill the captive without consequence.

While Naruto cradles his lifeless baby, Kawaki opens his left eye and challenges Code to another combat. Shikamaru tries to convince Naruto to pull himself together, so they can finish off Code once and for all.

Boruto Episode 294: Where to Watch It?

You can only watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations regularly on Crunchyroll. The series is available easily on Crunchyroll through simulcast, but it is only available in Japanese with English subtitles.

There are other places to watch Boruto online, but you won’t have access to the most recent episodes because they aren’t updated very often. Bear in mind that there are areas of the world where Crunchyroll does not provide access to Boruto episodes.


Fans of the hit anime series Boruto are expecting an interesting new episode with the release of next week’s 294th episode. While speculation abounds online as to when the next episode will air, neither Boruto nor the production company behind the show has officially confirmed a release date.

Wait for an official declaration from the studio before making any assumptions about when Boruto Part 2 will be released. In the interim, viewers can watch back episodes of Boruto on Crunchyroll, the service chosen as the show’s sole streaming home.

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