Blue Lock Chapter 213 Release Date: Speculation and Spoilers!

blue lock chapter 213 release date

Blue Lock is a popular manga series by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura. They wrote and drew it. Blue Lock has won the hearts of readers all across the world with its exciting plot and likable main characters. The release date of Chapter 213 of this popular series has become a hot topic of discussion among readers.

In this piece, we’ll go through the most recent information and speculation about when you may expect to read Blue Lock Chapter 213. Learn when the next episode of this epic manga series will be released, and prepare to enter the world of Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Chapter 213 Release Date

Most fans around the world will be able to read Blue Lock chapter 213 “E-4 (Egoist Four)” on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. The Japanese release date is Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at midnight JST. Hence, different time zones will have different release dates and times.

The following schedule details when Blue Lock 213 will be available in different countries throughout the world:

Time Zone Date Time
Pacific Standard Time April 4 7:00 am
Central Standard Time April 4 9:00 am
Eastern Standard Time April 4 10:00 am
British Standard Time April 4 3:00 pm
Central European Time April 4 4:00 pm
Indian Standard Time April 4 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard Time April 4 11:00 pm
Australian Central Standard Time April 5 12:30 am

Blue Lock Chapter 213 Spoiler

On April 02, 2023, the raw scan of Blue Lock chapter 213 will become available. It’s probable that Isagi may reveal his specialized training now that he can use his left leg as a straight shot.

After being inspired by Igaguri’s malice, Isagi went to Kunigami to further his training. The broad use of meta-vision has allowed Isagi to combat Kaiser on equal terms. Like Kaiser, who has Ness to aid him in his blows, he now has an ally in Kurona.

In the next chapter, Isagi and Kaiser may have a minor disagreement. Lorenzo will very certainly attack him. Even knowing Lorenzo was on his way, Kaiser still wanted to thwart Isagi.

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So, Niko, Aiku, and Aryu were the ones Isagi and Kurona had to deal with, and they were easily brushed aside. Ness’s arrival to intercept Isagi was right on schedule. Isagi, though, was unfazed by the criticism and used his left foot to score.

Blue Lock chapter 212 Recap

In chapter 212 of Blue Lock, titled “Unknown,” we see Isagi and Kurona beginning their counterattack by passing the ball back and forth in order to evade Ubers’ defenders. Yukimiya then attempted to remove the ball from Isagi’s possession. Isagi, however, was able to employ Yukimiya to sidestep yet another opponent while playing Ubers.

blue lock chapter 213 release date
blue lock chapter 213 release date

Even though Lorenzo was on his way, Kaiser still wanted to halt Isagi. Isagi and Kurona had to deal with Niko, Aiku, and Aryu, but they were no match for the duo. Ness arrived at that exact moment to halt Isagi. Isagi, though, was unmoved by the teasing and calmly scored with his left foot.

Blue Lock Chapter 213: Where To Read It?

Blue Lock, the original manga, is for sale on Book Walker and Kobo’s websites. Kodansha and Pika have translated the manga into English and French, respectively. Either of these sites will allow you to read all the current and future chapters.

Reading Platforms

MangaPlus by Shueisha: This is the official website where you can read Blue Lock manga for free online. English-language updates are always available to readers everywhere except in Japan, China, and South Korea.

Viz Media: This is another official place to read Blue Lock manga in English. You can buy it in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries.

Crunchyroll: This site has a lot of manga and anime titles, including Blue Lock. It’s on sale in a lot of different countries.

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