Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date Revealed: Countdown Begins

Black Clover Chapter 359 release date

Black Clover is the name of a highly successful manga series from Japan. The much-awaited mysteries of Black Clover Chapter 359 will soon be upon us. Come discover the amazing universe of magic and adventure with us.

Exciting battles, incredible discoveries, and unforgettable moments await in this next release thanks to the masterful writing and compelling artwork of Yuki Tabata. The next episode is going to be even more exciting than the last, so get ready to want more. We are close to the finish line.

Brief Information About Black Clover Chapter 359

Topic Information
Series Title Black Clover
Chapter Number 359
Chapter Release Date Sunday, May 21, 2023
Manga Author Yuki Tabata
Manga Publication Weekly Shonen Jump
Main Character Asta
Series Genre Fantasy, Adventure

What is Black Clover Chapter 359 All About?

Black Clover is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Yki Tabata. Since February 2015, it has been published in Weekly Shonen Jump, a shoujo manga magazine published by Shueisha; as of March 2023, it has been compiled in 34 tankbon volumes. Asta, the main character, is a young boy who was born with no natural powers of magic. In his universe, where everyone seems to have magical abilities, this is just not true. Asta, along with his other Black Bulls magicians, has high dreams of becoming the next Wizard King.

In 2017, Xebec Zwei published an original video animation based on the manga. From October 2017 until March 2021, TV Tokyo in Japan aired an anime television series adaption of the manga created by Pierrot. In June 2023, an anime film titled Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King will have its world premiere in Japanese theaters and on Netflix around the world.

Viz Media holds the rights for the English distribution of the manga in North America, while Crunchyroll does the same for the anime series.

Black Clover Chapter 359 Release Date

The Black Clover Chapter 349 will finally be released and available to readers on Sunday, May 21, 2023. On Monday, May 22 at midnight JST, the chapter will be released in Japan and Australia. In most countries, the translated chapters are made available during the day.

Black Clover Chapter 359 release date

Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus all offer free digital access to the latest chapters of their respective manga series for those who enjoy them. The following is a schedule for the worldwide release of Black Clover Chapter 349. The time zone in each location will be different.

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Summer Time 07:00 AM Sunday, May 21
Eastern Summer Time 10:00 AM Sunday, May 21
UK Summer Time 3:00 PM Sunday, May 21
Central European Summer Time 4:00 PM Sunday, May 21
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM Sunday, May 21
Philippines Time 11:00 PM Sunday, May 21
Japanese Standard Time 12:00 AM (midnight) Monday, May 22
Australian Central Summer Time 12:30 AM (midnight) Monday, May 22

Black Clover Chapter 359 Spoiler

However, fans might expect the same high quality of adventure and fantasy as in the previous installments. Fans are eager to see what the makers have in store for them, and the release date is quickly approaching. Many readers of Black Clover have been waiting eagerly for Chapter 359 to finally be released so they can find out what happens next.

In Black Clover chapter 359, Mereoleona Vermillion and Paladin Morris will most likely continue their battle against one another. Mereoleona used her new ability, Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Flame Burial, in the hopes of burning Morris to ashes after the Crimson Lion members sacrificed themselves to shield their former Interim Captain.

Black Clover Chapter 359 release date

The next chapter may center on Yuno’s battle with Lucius, Yami’s conflict with Morgen, or the Silva family’s conflict with Acier, among many other possible Judgment Day clashes. It’s also possible that Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls will go back to the Clover Kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 358 Recap

Chapter 358 of Black Clover is named “Flame Burial,” and it shows Mereoleona’s battle with Morris after she uses the Hellfire Demon power to regenerate her left arm. As the battle restarted, Morris said that his “Operation Dismantle” ability gave him the upper hand because it was quicker than Mereoleona’s attacks.

Mereoleona’s brigade soldiers came to help her just as it appeared that she was about to lose the battle. After that, further members began protecting her as well.

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In this way, Mereoleona was able to target Morris without actually touching him. It wasn’t long until she used her new power, Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Flame Burial, on Morris in an effort to burn him to ash.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 359?

Both Viz Media and Manga Plus have confirmed that they will be releasing the next chapters with English translations. Apps can be downloaded from the Play Store for both platforms.

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