Biohackers Season 3 Release Date: Get the Details Here

Biohackers Season 3 Release Date

Biohackers Season 3 Release Date: Biohackers is a German techno-thriller show about a medical student named Mia who gets involved with biohacking and illegal genetic experiments. The first season of the show came out on Netflix in August 2020, and a second season came out in July 2021.

What about the third season, though? In this article, we will discuss all we know about Biohackers Season 3, including the release date, story, and cast.

What is Biohackers All About?

Biohackers is a German techno-thriller TV show that started on August 20, 2020, on Netflix. The show was picked up for a second season a week after the first one came out, and it came out on July 9, 2021.

Christian Ditter, who serves as the showrunner and director of Biohackers, collaborates with a group of gifted writers, including Tanja Bubbel, Nikolaus Schulz-Dornburg, and Johanna Thalmann, whose contributions have propelled the show to prominence. It has parts of drama, thriller, and science fiction, making it the perfect show to watch all at once.

Brief Information About Biohackers

TopicTechno-thriller, Drama, and Science Fiction
Series NameBiohackers
GenreTechno-Thriller, Drama, and Science Fiction
CreatorChristian Ditter
2 Main CastLuna Wedler as Emma “Mia Akerlund” Engels, Jessica Schwarz as Professor Tanja Lorenz
Brief StoryFollows medical student Mia’s involvement in biohacking and illegal genetic experiments.
Season 1 Release DateAugust 2020
Season 3 Renewal StatusNo official announcement yet
Season 3 Release DateExpected late 2024 or early 2025
Where to WatchNetflix

Biohackers Season 3 Renewal Status

There were a lot of problems with the second season, but we’re hopeful that the third season will be able to fix these problems.

Nonetheless, Netflix has yet to make an official announcement on the third season of Biohackers. There have been no announcements about the upcoming season. You will be kept up-to-date on any changes that are made to the scheduled event.

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Biohackers Season 3 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t renewed or canceled the show yet, and the writers could have a whole plan for a third season ready to go if Netflix agrees. Netflix hasn’t said for sure when Season 3 of Biohackers will come out, but some sources say it could be in late 2024 or early 2025.

Based on how Season 2 ended and how Netflix usually renews shows, it doesn’t look like Biohackers will have a third season. However, this isn’t confirmed.

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Biohackers Season 3 Expected Cast

If the third season gets renewed, the cast from the previous seasons may be back. Because all the characters played a memorable role in previous seasons. So here is a list of some important cast members:

Luna WedlerEmma “Mia Akerlund” Engels
Jessica SchwarzProfessor Tanja Lorenz
Thomas PrennNiklas
Adrian Julius TillmannJasper
Jing XiangChen-Lu

Biohackers Season 3 Expected Storyline

At the end of the second season, Professor Lorenz was shot and killed, and Mia drove off in a rental van. The third season might have highlighted Mia avoiding challenges brought on by Lorenz’s death and her struggles with the brain-degenerative Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, which is causing her to gradually lose her memory.

Also, one of the main characters, Andreas Winter, dies. This gives Netflix and the showrunners a lot of room to finish up the story in the third season.

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Biohackers Season 2 Recap

Biohackers Season 2 is an interesting continuation of Mia Akerlund’s story. She is a medical student who finds out about a dark world of genetic trials and biohacking. In this season, Mia suffers from memory loss and tries to figure out what happened to her during the last three months.

A powerful biohacker named Baron von Furstenberg is working on a project called Oblivion that can erase memories. She also finds out that Professor Lorenz, who used to be her enemy, is now on her side against him. Furstenberg ought to not be able to use Oblivion on a large scale, and Mia and her friends should tell everyone about his crimes.

Where Can I Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Biohackers?

You can watch all the seasons of Biohackers on Netflix. If the third season gets greenlit, it will also come out on Netflix.


Finally, Biohackers has captured viewers with its captivating techno-thriller plot, which mixes elements of drama, thriller, and science fiction. The first two seasons, which came out in August 2020 and July 2021, were about Mia, a medical student who gets involved with biohacking and genetic research.

Fans are still not sure if the show will be renewed for a third season, but they expect it to be released by late 2024 or early 2025.

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